Playing an all green commander to build a mono-colored commander! What's better than big beating green creatures? That's right! Big beating creatures that you can play at any time!

This is a 5-6 rating on the command zone guide of 1-10 of competitiveness. I love decks that provide great synergy and win without playing infinite combos. This deck is a prime example of how I like to build decks! This Reddit link is a good reference!

The idea is to have a card that reveals or lets you look at the top card, then you can flash in creatures with Yeva from the top of the deck with cards like Vizier of the Menagerie, Vivien Monsters Advocate, or Garruk's Horde.

Seedborn Muse, Awakening, and Wilderness Reclamation let you have mana on others' turns! With Yeva, everyone's turn is your turn!


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