Trying to make a non-combo-focused "fairer" Yawgmoth deck. Some cards are in there for more flavor theme than anything. Still trying to figure out how to balance the deck. My goals are to control the board by killing creatures, draw lots of cards, proliferate some Planeswalkers, and maybe grind out a win.

I do not want to win by assembling three combo pieces à la two undying creatures, and a life drain effect.

Any suggestions are welcome. Please let me know if you see any issues or weaknesses. I have a few specific questions, and any help would be appreciated:

1) I am curious what people's thoughts are on how many token generator/repeatable cards are needed to really make the engine function. Do I need 20+ ways to feed creatures to Yawgmoth or just more powerful, repeatable options?

2) Should I be trying to protect Yawgmoth as he is the heart of the deck and will be a target? Or should I not worry about it because there is so much mana acceleration commander tax should be no biggy later in the game. Is the single Lightning Greaves just a waste?

3) How many utility lands should I run in a swamps matter deck? When goldfishing the deck, I found I just always wanted a swamp over some other utility I used to have in here.

4) Should there be more ramp/ mana? I have a lot of mana acceleration which can make the deck go off, but I still miss land drops from time to time. The deck is just so mana-hungry once it gets going.

5) I really want to get No Mercy in there but don't know what to cut. It feels like I need ways to protect myself better while I am setting up my engine. An Imp's Mischief in here would be nice too.



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