MAJOR LIST UPDATE: I've spent the past several months working hard play-testing and refining this deck from the original list I threw together and have decided to take it in a more streamlined/competitive direction as I've had a great time playing him since he was released! I've made my first major overhaul of the list and will be coming through with updates to the decks' list and description as often as I can, and may even turn this into a functioning primer if I can find the time. Cheers and happy casting! -Moxen

Hey everyone! I was very excited to see Yawgmoth, Thran Physician spoiled in MH1 and instantly new I would be attempting to build him! This list is a somewhat thrown together assembly of your typical mana accelerants, a few proliferation engines, as well as a robust suite of persist, infect, and undying critters! What we have here will be currently serving as the foundation on which I intend to make my twisted fantasies and bizarre experimentation a reality and will be updated as I gain more data. As for now we have some of the usual suspects for Mono Black; plenty of card interaction and strong intentions to sling -1/-1 and poison counters around while in no subtle fashion proliferating all things around us into a state of un-life that would put a smile on the face of even the grimmest of Phyrexian's! That being said this is simply my starting point. A mere value list thrown together without much thought to nuance. I love being on the ground floor of a well flavored and classic style EDH deck and can't wait to see what the community comes up with for YAWG! As for now feel more than welcome to discuss this list, or your own in the comments below. Look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts! Long live Phyrexia!


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