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Yawgmoth Creature Combo

Commander / EDH Mono-Black


This is my competitive take on Yawgmoth, Thran Physician

The main points of this deck are to Sacrifice and Draw until there's enough value on the table to either infinite or simply drain your opponents through triggers. This deck is running a critical mass of sac/draw/reccur sacrificing most of the other win cons other Yawgmoth decks might play like proliferating planeswalkers, largers splashy black creatures like Razaketh The Foulblooded. Instead, sampling a few win cons from the other versions using the card value with cards like a Liliana, Dreadhorde General proliferated straight into an ultimate or just the ichor rats proliferate both being finishers that run purely on having cards and mana which I think are going to be the overarching theme for the deck.

The issue I was seeing with Yawgmoth is that I couldn't effectively commit to any of the strategies. If you don't get enough fodder to sacrifice you won't be able to really fuel any of the stronger effects in your deck. And you also don't want to be sacrificing the good creatures with abilities like Necroskitter, Nirkana Revenant, Pontiff of Blight. Which all made for a clunkier less focused playstyle.

The simplest way to explain the way this deck will work is with one of the more obvious style of interactions.

Gravecrawler > Undead Augur > Blood Artist > Phyrexian Altar

Nether Traitor > Desecrated Tomb > Pitiless Plunderer > Yawgmoth

Gravecrawler / Nether Traitor > Pitiless Plunderer / Skirge Familiar / Phyrexian Altar > Yawgmoth

Gravecrawler > Carrion Feeder > Carnival of Souls > Zulaport Cutthroat

This interaction can be rebuilt any number of different ways with most of these cards being interchangeable (Though you have to keep an eye out for certain keywords like cast, enters, dies, graveyard. This is where navigating the deck gets tricky)

One of the better interactions with Yawgmoth is the well known Undying + Undying = Infinite which can also be done with any card that creates a creature when it dies + an Undying creature for example:

Butcher Ghoul > Bridge From Below > Yawgmoth > (Benefit from deaths of your choice)

Geralf's Messenger > Desecrated Tomb / Pawn of Ulamog / Genesis Chamber / Sifter of Skulls> Yawgmoth

I chose not to add the other undying creatures as these two are the best in my opinion. Both of these undying creatures are also Zombies which help enable Gravecrawler / Undead Augur. Also the reasoning behind Dreadhorde Invasion.

Which brings me to disruption. Much of the decks interactions with opponents is going to be through Yawgmoth, singular spot removal, and some GY Hate. If Yawgmoth is down quick this deck can quickly punish mana dorks and suppress others while pulling away. Board presence isn't often an issue with this deck either so if people aren't developing this can punch though prefers not too. Cards like Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet and Mimic Vat disrupt graveyards while still playing into the fodder fueling theme.

Midslicer to dump opponents hands and bounces back through sacrifice. I thought about Awaken the Erstwile but I'm not huge on handing out that many tokens to opponents most of the time.

I'd like to try and fit in a few cards like Culling the Weak / Songs of the Damned / Black Ritual but at the moment the deck is pretty packed. May take out Leyline of the Void though it's good in my playgroup

Much more susceptible to GY hate unfortunately.

I wanna put some note on the Skirge Familiar addition as it is SPICEY. I've seen it more in K'rrik decks but It's an absolute meatball of a card in this Yawg version.

While there are a lot of pieces I've considered for utility and possibly Stax including things like Gate to Phyrexia, Smoke stack, Phyrexian Tribute at the moment I'm pretty content with it being an explosive creature looping trigger monster it currently is.

I'm interested to see what others think. Please feel free to leave any comments either her or on Tapped Out I'm excited to read them. If this is decently received I'll break down my take on my Combo Lazav the Multifarious. Thanks for reading


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