The basic idea of this deck is to steal your opponent's creatures and either make them your own or sacrifice them for card draw or aggro damage.

Pump Spells/Equipment: Make Yasova's power high enough to steal the creatures you want.

Tokens: Make a copy of the creature you stole, and if it's legendary, force your opponent's creature to be sacrificed, leaving you with the copy token. If you don't want the copy, you can instead turn them into ooze or wolf tokens, or just fling them at your opponent's face.

Tap/Untap Auras: Because Yasova untaps creatures you gain control of, things like Charmed Sleep or Apathy disables a creature until you're ready to steal it.

Update: Jan 9, 2020

I added a bunch of cards which duplicate Yasova's creature stealing ability. Doing so helps speed the deck up as well as make opponents less likely to remove Yasova from the battlefield.

Additionally, I shifted almost all of Yasova's buff from enchantments to equipment so the buffs don't go to the graveyard if Yasova is destroyed/exiled. This adds some consistency to the strategy, especially in mid- to late-game.


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