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Yarok: Throw your lands in the Air!

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai)


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Really Leaning into Midrange Now!

The list has really been showing its chops in soul-crushing grind sessions. In support of accentuating that, we've added more interaction, more land-oriented actions, and more sources of incremental card advantage.

Broad Strokes

Apply stax to slow the table, make people hate their lives, then go infinite and win.

Yarok doubles up on punishing passives like Overburden and also amplifies parity breakers like Lotus Cobra and Amulet of Vigor . This forms a great backbone to support lines involving Root Maze or Orb of Dreams . Under such lines, all your lands effectively get doubled and we have ways to reconcile Overburden returning two lands to hand whenever a creature enters. Arboreal Grazer and Elvish Pioneer scale along with Overburden (with or without Yarok) to break parity along that line and add a tap clause for lands to further embellish Amulet of Vigor . Burgeoning helps maintain a faster pace than the table as well, given the unique texture of a 'landless' table.

With Yarok on the table Shrieking Drake + Cloud of Faeries yields infinite mana. With infinite mana, Shrieking Drake + Coiling Oracle or similar draws the deck and lets you win via Laboratory Maniac .

Hulk Lines:

Survival of the Fittest + Necromancy (strung + + Yarok):

Incidental Value

The number of 'incidental' lines under Yarok that let you gain advantage is positively enormous. I'll break those down soon... but they're things like this:

Overburden + Amulet of Vigor + Arboreal Grazer

  • Grazer enters and creates 4 triggers. Let the two Overburden triggers resolve to return two lands, then let the two Arboreal Grazer triggers resolve to put them back into play. Each land will trigger Amulet of Vigor twice, so you'll get 4 mana for a single Grazer etb.

Risen Reef + Dance of Many

  • Dance of Many enters triggering twice and creates two copies of Risen Reef . The first two Reefs see two elementals enter, the third sees itself, and each trigger is doubled so you get a total of 10 Risen Reef triggers for your investment.

Lotus Cobra + Tatyova, Benthic Druid + Crop Rotation

... on and on and on ...

All these 'combos' are purely incidental, i.e., you'd never go looking for any of these card sequences, but they emerge along the way as you're setting up the actual lines you want. All the extra cards and mana provide plenty of support to fight through opponent interaction, making it more likely for you to succeed where a more canonical, tighter-margined line would get otherwise disrupted.


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