Current prototype for a competitive Yarok, the Desecrated list. (M20 Legendary)

First and foremost this is a hulk intended deck. Yarok's ability allows us to value in several areas, including hulk, to obtain our goal. Will go over a few of the gameplay goals and interactions we can obtain running our lovely Yarok, the Desecrated. Yarok also blocks tymna :smugstatue-1:

So going for a hulk win is the core idea of the deck. Currently I've decided to start off with very simplified hulk win, to get an overall feel for the deck. As more testing happens the line may come more complex.

  • Labman/Spellseeker

Flash / Protean Hulk > Laboratory Maniac + Spellseeker > fetch Tainted Pact off Spellseeker > Cast Tainted Pact > once library is out cast any draw spell.

This is a situation where Laboratory Maniac is in grave. We do the same as above except pay to have card:Lazav, the Mulifarious become labman. Also gives us some protection with Sylvan Safekeeper

Yarok, the Desecrated on board

We generate infinite mana, then in turn draw our deck out to get our win. Safekeeper can protect Yarok. Other interactions with this line is replacing Sylvan Safekeeper and the draw creatures with Spellseeker , to fetch interaction and Glimpse of Nature / Tainted Pact to draw deck out also.

Intruder Alarm opens up sources for a large chunk of mana, given we have the proper creatures on board. With and Without Yarok. It also enables us to do silly things with Retraction Helix . Create a loop and bounce away the board. With infinite mana in the right colors, we can Eternal Witness + Assassin's Trophy the board. We can draw our board out with the mana or even the simple interaction of Shrieking Drake with a Glimpse of Nature cast. Lot's of windows are open with Intruder Alarm, and with Yarok, the Desecrated on board it only amplifies what we can do.

Lastly with our several options to draw our deck out, being able to produce tons of mana, I decided to stick in Panharmonicon in as a backup option for Yarok, the Desecrated because with what we're doing it will function the same way. Finale of Devastation is also a good mana dump if we find ourselves in a bind on our main goals. Excellent early game function and game closer for a drawn resource depleted game.

Over time Yarok will evolve, I have no doubts on this. Better options will present themselves. Hope you enjoy this startup for a Hulk Version of Yarok, the Desecrated.

Come join The Desecrated on discord if your brewing up Yarok, or have questions.

Honorable mentions of possible strong archtypes that may develope with Yarok : Protean Hulk , Aluren , Manabond

A variant from the core shell deck :

Leptys (Lobster inspired) List

Personal List

Addition variant :



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