This is my ETB/landfall deck. Built in Sultai, I've focused on recursion, to get value out of my cards, many times and more than once. Because of this, it's very much an attrition deck, unless you find one of the few infinite combo's in the deck, or manage to blink Rhonas enough, that you beat your opponents to death.
Suggestions are more than welcome :) (I aim, not to get cards, that are more than €10/$15, since this is just for casual play)

ETB's. Creature and landfall triggers, from entering the battlefield, is what this deck is all about.
I'm particularly fond of the synergy, with Deadeye Navigator and Dryad Arbor - a very unique landfall enabler, and with Lotus Cobra out, you can blink it for , and with Yarok out as well, for free! (With Lightning Greaves you can make infinite mana too)
Risen Reef and Zendikar's Roil with Yarok gets out of hand quick, and I've decked myself before this way.
Prime Speaker Zegana and God-Eternal Rhonas can get ridiculous, if you play them the same turn. With Yarok being only 3 toughness, dropping Rhonas to make him 12/5, then Zegana, is going to put 12 counters on her and draw you 24 cards, which is why I'm considering putting in Jace, Wielder of Mysteries , as an alternate win-con.
Lands are very much focused on utility, in this deck. They are a part of the toolbox, that our deck offers. Bojuka Bog for mandatory anti graveyard shenanigans, outside of our own graveyard. Strip Mine for taking care of problem lands. Looking at you Homeward Path . Tron lands for the big boys. Field of the Dead for board presence. Dryad Arbor for the above mentioned landfall enabling.
Because of this, I've focused, rather heavily, on finding land tutors that can find any land and put them on the battlefield. Wood Elves and Yavimaya Dryad can only find forests and they got included, for two reasons; 1. We're predominantly green and 2. Dryad Arbor is a forest and a win-con, under the right circumstances.
Win-cons: At the time, there is no game winning combo in the deck. It's an honest "outvalue your opponents and beat their face in" kind of deck, relying on Field of the Dead and Zendikar's Roil , to get your broad board. Either that, or you steal all their permanents, by bouncing Agent of Treachery .

Torpor Orb and Tocatli Honor Guard , which is why we have removal spells, that don't rely on ETBs. It doesn't stop our landfall triggers, however, so you can just, not care.
No board wipes. There are no board wipes in the deck. Not even Cyclonic Rift . I'd like to get my hands on one, but I haven't been able to pick on up yet. Nevinyrral's Disk has been up for consideration, but I'd much prefer a soft board wipe.

Sub-optimal cards:
Urza's Armor : I like the idea, and this is the only card, that's not white, which has this effect. I haven't playtested with this much, yet.
Pendrell Mists : I play in a meta, that has a few token decks and this is great, for making sure they are somewhat contained. It's however problematic, as this deck wants a solid board-state itself.
Disallow / Voidslime : It can be fun, to disrupt triggered and activated abilities, especially, when they use their planeswalker ultimates. Seeing people dumbfounded, by something they thought they'd never encounter, has a redeeming quality to it. This circumvents hexproof as well, since the triggers aren't hexproof, even if the permanent that produces them, is. I don't particularly enjoy countering things, I mostly have them to protect my board state and stop trouble pieces.
Glacial Chasm : This card, is meant as a last ditch protection, from big swings. You can cheat it out, with Crop Rotation or Elvish Reclaimer at instant speed. With Yarok out, you'll have to sac 2 lands, instead of just one, but it's better than dying.

Side- and maybeboard:
The sideboard is comprised of cards, that I feel have strong synergies, or otherwise compliments the deck. They are currently under consideration, to replace one of the cards in the decklist, and might be included as playtesting moves along.
The maybeboard is a list of cards that were found during the brews initial phases, that in some way has synergy, but that I feel aren't considerably better, than what they would be replacing.


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