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What, you say?

This deck may seem like cognitive dissonance; surely Zedruu the Greathearted and Donate stand out amongst the rest of the Storm-focused cards? What if I told you that was the point? To Proteus Staff into Narset, Enlightened Master, cast huge spells like Omniscience and Donate it to another player? To make them a major threat while an Aetherflux Reservoir with flash is on standby? All creatures would gladly swap sides and declare an Insurrection, for they know who their true master is. Your goal is this - change how the game is played: King another player, slow the game down using your Pool of Knowledge, only you have the Future Sight of top decking, only you know what is to come, now trust in the heart of the cards.

"I have to believe it holds some secret strategy."


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