[Tempt with Revelry!]

Oathbreaker deck revolving around Xenagos and Tempt with Vengeance. First we get out some tokens, then generate a ton of mana with Xenagos, to either make more tokens (*and more mana) or pump them into our big spells. Idea being to blow up opponents with stunning "Fireworks" (Big Fireball style spells), or the back up plan of some Overrun effects to go wide with all our tokens.

This is my first attempt at building Oathbreaker so looking for feedback! Finally managed to cut the deck down to 60 cards (was basically a 100 card Commander deck when I started haha!) But open to suggested swaps/improvements! Thanks all! :D

p.s. I know I should probably add Ashnod's Alter back in and possibly go infinite, but just seems bit too wishful thinking maybe? Also wouldn't mind a 2nd board wipe and possibly another X spell (like Comet Storm to the face) back in the deck, heck even an Electrodominance for removal.. Hell some card draw would be nice too... but damn, 60 card deck building is hard!


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