Probably the most fun to play deck that I own. Everybody loves big fat creatures when they first get into magic. This deck satisfies kind of nostalgic love. Obviously, this isn't going to be a competitive deck, but it's definitely capable of manhandling the underprepared.

With Xenagos as the commander, you will always have access to his buff the turn you slap a fatty down.

Just want to say that a big part of playing this deck correctly is managing your devotion. I feel a lot of Xenagod decks tell you to play things for devotion and i personally think that is wrong. Xenagod should NOT be a creature of you can help it. It's really difficult to remove him as an indestructible enchantment, but when he becomes a man he is open to a lot more removal. Without Xenagod, it is twice as hard to flex on nerds enough to kill them. Sometimes you have to allow him to become a man in order to put more pressure on the board, it happens. Just as a general rule i try to go as long as i can afford without gaining devotion.


Basically, you just slap down threat after threat after threat hoping to beat the holy hell out of someone. We have some mana ramp and mana dorks to help us get Xenagod and friends out quickly so that they can bring the pain before inevitably being removed.

There is actually quite a bit of utility in the deck as well. Being able to have the right fatty for the job at hand is really important. We have plenty of search/ tutor effects and a few bomb ass draw enchantments. We also have a whole metric fuck ton of ways to cheat what we get in to play.

We have Balefire Dragon and Chandra's Ignition for those pesky "go wide" decks. We also run quite a few artifact/enchantment hate spells such as Bane of Progress because we are a Gruul deck and by God that is just good business. I am debating on how many I like to run at the moment, so this probably changes the most.

We have minor amounts of control/protection with Vexing Shusher and Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger .

We run a Hua Tuo, Honored Physician and Noxious Revival to give us a bit of recursion. Personally, I love Hua Tuo because he lets us pose a threat from beyond (as long as the graveyard has an asshole to pseudo resurrect) without over extending.

We also have a single life gain source with Wurmcoil Engine

This deck will require you to press every advantage you can get, no matter what. Letting the wrong opponent have a break from the constant big man throwdown could mean getting your threats removed.

I normally play against combo or control decks as the only aggressor (or one of 2) at the table. In order to win my decks must be fast and capable of recovering quickly. I tend to really force myself on somebody and attempt to kill them immediately. A lot of the time people let me have my way with one person before dealing with me. For those reasons, one of my main win conditions in Xenagod tends to be Blightsteel Colossus . That being said, this deck tends to fit in well at many tables and is usually well received. I have had this deck for over 2 years, and I am very satisfied with the work I've put into it. My list runs a little expensive for a "casual" list, but I've had the time to add things since it's conception and I really love having my decks be as efficient as I can afford.

Remember kids, the real treasure is the friendship you ruin along the way.



Updates Add

Due to the increasing amount of graveyard fuckery my friends and I are participating in, + 1 Scooze. Also looking into some minor tweaks pretty soon. Get Punched.



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