It appears the easiest way to abuse Mizzix's Experience Counter mechanic is just to play spells with X in their mana cost. Here we go.

The idea here is just to be silly and snow-ball out of control with X-costing Spells, casting them for just the colored cost using Mizzix's Experience Counter ability, and in doing so, gain more experience counters. Win conditions include burning people out with X-cost Burn Spells, or drawing out the table with Prosperity or Skyscribing (while we have our Obstinate Familiar on the board, of course)


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Missing: -Past in Flames -Ponder -Serum Visions -Dig Through Time -Mystical Tutor -Snapcaster Mage -Chromatic Lantern -Coldsteel Heart -Darksteel Ingot -Arcane Lighthouse -Boseiju, Who Shelters All -Great Furnace -2 Island -2 Mountain -Myriad Landscape -Seat of the Synod

Additions: -Gitaxian Probe -Blasphemous Act -Vandalblast -Fact or Fiction -Firemind's Foresight -Brainstorm -Commander's Sphere --Sensei's Divining Top -Sulfur Falls -Swiftwater Cliffs -Vivid Creek -Minamo, School at Water's Edge -Reliquary Tower -Vivid Crag -Terramorphic Expanse -Tectonic Edge -Izzet Guildgate -Evolving Wilds


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