Hey everyone!

I present to you my take on our very own Femme Fatal, Xantcha, Sleeper Agent! This deck is based on a 60 card legacy deck I had once. It was based on being a slug and killing or locking down an opponent with their own creatures using the card Seizures. It was a really fun/mean budget deck that garnered a lot of respect/mindless burning hate.

I've always wanted to recreate the deck in EDH format, and after going through the list of possible commanders, I stumbled upon this amazing card. She fits perfectly with the theme, and there are some powerful cards to capitalize on her effects.

The main theme of the deck is to be more active in damaging and draining the opponent you choose to give Xantcha to instead of relying on the other players to drain the target out for cards. Cards like Contaminated Bond + Nettling Curse + Seizures and others enable a more active role after force feeding an opponent your commander.

Any C+C's welcome, I'm sure I've missed a few cards that would be right at home in this deck. Thanks for looking!


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