Survival of the fittest.

The goal of the deck is to create a world that no one wants to live in - not even yourself. I'd call a draw a win.

Pain, pain, pain for everyone! Dish is out freely with Manabarbs , Spellshock , Pestilence and the like. Make your opponents hate you even more with Painful Quandary and Kaervek the Merciless . Add to the fun with deadly hand cycling out and removing lifegain from the equation.

For the win, lower your opponents' health lower than yours for their perfectly timed demises.

For the 'lose your friends' win, Wound Reflection + Havoc Festival or any of the half or more loss of life cards should do the trick.

Politics can keep you alive for a little while, but the goal is to setup an environment you can wait out pain while the world is falling apart. Xantcha, Sleeper Agent is the distraction, not the end game. She sows distrust in the ranks while you are expanding your toxic fortress.


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