How should I go about making this deck more resilient to disruption? I've only been able to goldfish my deck and lack commander experience to predict the problems this deck might have against players.

My first attempt at a commander deck, I wanted it to be fully penny dreadful legal including the commander and to feature strong symmetry.

It has an infinite combo with Magus of the Candelabra & Sword of the Paruns to get infinite mana once enough multi-mana lands are in play. To this end, the deck has taken on group-hug elements with symmetrical mana-duplication Vernal Bloom Keeper of Progenitus.

The deck's goal is to durdle and build resources using cards such as Springjack Pasture or Fungal Reaches until it can cast a payoff such as Apocalypse Hydra or Gelatinous Genesis. The win con of the deck is via combat damage from one or several large creatures or with spell damage from a Crater's Claws or Hurricane.

I've emphasised ramp mostly in the form of land, but also with some cards that tap for multiple mana Somberwald Sage and Gilded Lotus to maximise use of Mana Reflection

Finally the "combat tricks" Burst of Strength, Sudden Spinnerets etc. are only that in an emergency; primarily, they are for boosting the commander's mana output.

Any advise on cuts or key includes for this kind of deck would be appreciated.


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