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We have it on good authority from President Multani that our troops are in desperate need of salvage. As such, GRAVETIDE CORPORATION is proud to promote our RECYCLING PLAN!
Muldrotha here, founder and COO of GRAVETIDE. We need everything we can get to Fleshbag Maurader|REDUCE our opposing forces, REUSE our materials, and RECYCLE our resources.

Remeber, OUR contribution means THEIR success. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS.

Here's a wonderful idea, let's take certainly isn't short on graveyard shenanigans in EDH, but this may be my favourite one yet. Muldrotha is able to cast one of any permanent type for each type of permanent from the graveyard, during each turn.

It was hard to omit a lot of commander staples for cards you probably don't see too often, but there is just so much you can do with this.

Now here's where it gets even more interesting. We can abuse the old mechanic "Cumulative Upkeep" to our advantage! Cards like Glacial Chasm, Mystic Remora or Infernal Darkness can be cast, used for a turn and sacrificed only to be replayed again - without their original disadvantages.

The deck in a nutshell is trying to fill our graveyard, and trying to incorporate ways to reuse our creatures, lands, enchantments and artifacts.

To make full use of Muldrotha’s effect, we need to learn to think outside of the normal box regarding permanent types. We took it one step in the right direction with Enchantments with Cumulative Upkeep, however let’s take this a whole step above with a heavy redesign, focusing on interactions with Enchantments.

Ancestral Knowledge is a repeatable way to massively rearrange our deck, or provide a free shuffle if we don’t like what we see.

Compulsion acts as a reusable draw, or something to pitch our cards to.

Energy Field becomes a potent hardlock of sorts to prevent damage from any source from getting in - very useful in metas where Aetherflux Reservoir is used.

Aside from these, we’re going to apply more pressure in our advances towards victory. Give NO OUTS:

Bottomless Pit - forces players to discard at random each upkeep. For us, it’s less important since the majority of our deck consists of permanents to recast but for other decks it is very punishing.

City of Solitude - prevents any control-based deck from interacting with us.

Frozen AEther - a deadly stax-like card that exhausts all our opponents’ resources.

No Mercy - A baiting enchantment that punishes any aggro deck.

In the Eye of Chaos - is a mean, mean card. Imagine having to pay 5 for Force of Will, even after paying its alternate casting cost. It’s a brutal way to just stop control from getting the upper hand.

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Updates Add

Leyline of the Void and Helm of Obedience are added as a nod to classic Legacy.

Spellskite and Ground Seal are in for protection vs Graveyard Hate

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