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Spellweaver Helix can be a hilarious card. Play a cantrip and wind up with a 10-mana effect? Sure! This deck hopes to push that idea even further, though. Its ideal two choices for Spellweaver Helix are Revive and Crush of Wurms. Not only does this net three 6/6 bodies for two mana, but it also allows you to loop Revives and Regrowths and Den Protector triggers to keep doing that over and over.

Get the Helix out with the choices above, and then get a Revive into your graveyard. Not difficult, it's two mana and makes you wurms now. Then, get yourself another Revive, with Harmonize or just by virtue of having four in the deck. Cast the second Revive to bring the first Revive back to your hand, getting tokens in the process. Then cast the Revive you just brought back, getting three more tokens, to return the Revive you just cast into the graveyard to your hand.

The result of this, combined with Regrowth and similar cards, is a loop that allows you to generate three 6/6 tokens for between two and four mana.

Sounds fun, right?

Ambush Viper - Fast green removal that can be brought back with all of the deck's recursion.

Harmonize - Incredible card draw that can help dig for the pieces of the loop. It can also help you find more Regrowths, and in an emergency, you can bring your hand size over seven so that you can discard Crush of Wurms.

Thelonite Hermit - Without this, any face-down card is automatically a Den Protector. This gives your opponent a little more to worry about, since once they've seen it, any given face-down could turn up and provide 9 points of expendable blocking power. This punishes attackers, and can sometimes bluff the opponent out of an attack.


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