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Wrath of the Moonborn

Modern Aggro RG (Gruul) Tokens Werewolf


If you thought Gruul wasn't feral enough...

This deck is a modified version of My first werewolf deck (the first one I ever made), and it's been updated to fit Standard as of Gatecrash.

The current sideboard is more of an afterthought, I don't really have anything in mind for it just yet.

Every and any suggestion is completely welcome, for both the mainboard and sideboard.

Notable card interactions:

Ghor-Clan Rampager : Buffs anything I bloodrush it onto. A good way to spend my mana on a non-spell, as well, so my Humans will flip. He doesn't like to enter the battlefield, but will step up to the task in a pinch (such as after a board wipe)

Huntmaster of the Fells  : You know this card, and why it's here.

Immerwolf : Plays nicely with all of my other wolves, including Huntmaster. He keeps them big, and buffs them. Also, he intimidates White/Blue/Black creatures.

Kruin Outlaw  : A first strike creature that is buffed by Full Moon's Rise , Mayor of Avabruck   , and Immerwolf . Can be surprise trample buffed by Ghor-Clan Rampager or Kessig Wolf Run. Becomes a much worse monster when she flips.

Mayor of Avabruck   : Plays nicely with any other creatures that share a side with him, and always plays nice with Human Werewolves. He does wonders with Immerwolf while flipped, creating massive tokens. Isn't afraid to share his office with multiple other mayors, and doesn't mind being among other alphas.

Reckless Waif   : A pretty awesome turn 2 offensive, especially if you bloodrush her with Ghor-Clan Rampager

Wolfbitten Captive   : A fairly solid 1-drop that scales with the game, and a good place to sink my mana into to get other werewolves to flip.

Wolfir Silverheart: 12 power for 5 mana. Plays really nicely with Terror of Kruin Pass   even if he doesn't get her second ability. Isn't stopped by my Moonmist . The only downside is that he isn't saved by Full Moon's Rise .


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