Worthy Minotaurs

Modern Argy

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6th Place at FNM 6-4-0 —July 14, 2017

i was happy with how this deck played tonight.

It took one game from its worst matchup, Control, and I made a misplay that cost me the other match I lost.

2-0 Zombies

I was able to keep ahead of him in both games, hitting with so much damage that he was forced to block or die.

Game 2 I sided in Fatal Push and Magma Spray, which just made things worse for him.

Any time he gained some traction I just killed his best Creature.

2-0 Prowess

I haven't played against a deck like this for ages.

He got my life down to 4 in the first game but I was able to match him blow for blow, then overtake him with unblockability.

Once again I Sided in Fatal Push and Magma Spray and since he was losing so many Creatures he wasn't able to block all my damage.

1-2 Control

This is the worst matchup for this deck.

I took the first game by being able to play a lot of Creatures in the early game, and him not having enough relevant spells in hand to Counter or destroy them.

Unfortunately in the other two games his deck didn't skip a beat.

The third game was particularly brutal as I kept drawing land and Non-Creature spells.

1-2 Monument

Here's where I let myself down.

I had a Bloodrage Brawler on the field with a +1/+1 Counter on it.

Neheb, the Worthy was also on the field and I had achieved heckbent.

I had Key to the City on the field and an extra copy in hand.

He was on 14 life.

What I SHOULD have done is made the Bloodrage Brawler unblockable and hit for 7, then done the same thing next turn and that would have been game.

Unfortunately I didn't think things through, and just attacked with the Bloodrage Brawler without making it unblockable. Of course he chump blocked it.

I was able to hit for 7 unblockable next turn but then he got Glory-Bound Initiate on the field the turn after that, and was able to start getting some Lifelink.

That ended up putting him out of range for me to finish him off.


Game 2 I had a god draw. All my Minotuars hit the field in exactly the right order -> Metallic Mimic, Bloodrage Brawler, Ahn-Crop Crasher, Neheb, the Worthy.

I was able to do so much damage to him that he was overwhelmed by Turn 6.

The final game he got two Selfless Spirits and Gisela, the Broken Blade in his opening hand, and never missed a land drop, so I was playing catch up all game.

I had Chandra, Flamecaller in hand but the sixth land never happened.

This deck felt much stronger tonight.

I let myself down badly by not using Key to the City properly. It's a new card and I obviously need to spend more time playing with it.

The extra Bloodrage Brawler worked extremely well.

I didn't use Hour of Glory but none of my Opponents played gods, so it wasn't necessary.

One of my Opponents was cursing the fact that I had so much removal in the deck. That let me know I was on the right track, in that department.

There's nothing I would adjust, at this stage.