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orzhov enchantments burn

Deck Tech:

This deck leverages cheap enchantments with etb/ltb effects alongside the new enchantment support cards from W.o.E. and the new bargain cards to push a tempo lead against the opponent and close out games surprisingly fast while keeping a solid hand. This deck is also incredibly budget and cost me ~$15 at ck.


Our all-star enchantments are Hopeless Nightmare and Hopeful Vigil. both have great etb effects and let us scry 2 when we bargain them off later. Omen of the Dead is a cheap little enchantment that keeps our annoying creatures coming back to haunt the opponent. Spirited Companion lets us draw and can either be another 1/1 in the army or be turned into bargain fodder. Oblivion Ring is super flexible removal in the form of an enchantment(btw Journey to Nowhere is also great in this slot but isn't as "budget").


Wilds of Eldraine gave pauper a ton of cheap enchantment payoff cards. Slumbering Keepguard is my personal favorite as the scry trigger really lets you keep finding gas and its second ability gives you a great built-in combat trick. speaking of built-in combat tricks, Warehouse Tabby makes attacking into you terrifying and as your enchantments get bargained off supplies you with a rat army. Wicked Visitor is an okay body for the cost and pings the opponent each time an enchantment goes to the graveyard. Kor Skyfisher lets you return your all-stars to hand and double-dip on all those lovely etb effects.

Grocery Outlet:

Welcome to the bargain market where you can toss those useless enchantments and tokens for that sweet sweet value. Candy Grapple not only has FANTASTIC flavor text, but is also fantastic removal hitting 95% of creatures in the format and getting around things like indestructible. Rowan's Grim Search provides an insane amount of dig when bargained and keeps the hand healthy. Break the Spell technically isnt bargain but works like a mini Rowan's Grim Search that can be turned around at an opponents enchantment if needed.

as always any feedback, ideas, or suggestions are welcome and if you liked this check out my other pauper decks -> jonjonhholt


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