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Woah, where did THAT come from??? (Jodah EDH)

Commander / EDH* Budget Combo Creature Cheat Midrange



This deck's name alludes to its tendency to be losing by around turn five or six, and then WHAM! A big spell like Worst Fears or Aminatou's Augury comes out of the blue and completely flips the game around.

This deck is fairly straightforward. Play Jodah, protect him, get WUBRG, and start playing big spells. Below is a list of all ofthe cards in this deck, and a brief summary of what it does. But first, I'll explain the main win-cons for this deck.

First off, Enter the Infinite + Omniscience is an immediate win. Urabrask the Hidden lets you attack immediately, and useing Swarm Intelligence, Cast Through Time, and Mnemonic Deluge with Worst Fears and Walk the Aeons ensures that your opponents won't be able to have a turn for a while. After all of your instant and sorceries have finally resolved, Praetor's Counsel lets you play them all again! Archangel's Light ensures that you don't mill yourself out, although you will usually have won before that happens. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir lets you combo off in peace, without fear of counterspells or removal.

Door to Nothingness is another win-con that just flat-out kills them. Insta-kill. No questions asked.

Often, all you have to do is play one single spell, like Worst Fears or Ruinous Ultimatum to win the game, or a least set your opponent(s) so far back that it will be very difficult for them to recover.

Now, a brief rundown of each card.

Aminatou's Augury. One of the best free-spells cards in the deck, you can get an insane amount of value if you draw the right cards. As a bounus, it CASTS the spells, so cards like sunbird's ivocation also trigger.

Arcane Signet. Just your normal mana-rock. I won't be including mana-rocks or lands in this list, becuase it's pretty obvious what they do.

Archangel's Light. Ensures that you don't mill yourself to death after Enter the Infinite + Omniscience .

Behold the Beyond. The perfect tutor for this deck. Search for Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Omniscience, and Enter the Infinite.

Biomantic Mastery. Card draw to ensure that you don't run out of gas mid to late-game.

Blazing Archon. The ultimate protection, players can't attack you. Simple. To make it more effective, protect it with Shield of the Oversoul, ect. Just remember that Protecting Jodah comes first.

Bringer of the Black Dawn. An excellent tutor that you don't even need Jodah to play, remember that upkeep is before draw so you draw the tutored card on your draw step right after your upkeep.

Cast Through Time. Getting two for the price of one is always good, and this give you the added bounus of casting it twice, so double the triggers for cards like Imoti.

Chromatic Lantern. The best mana-fixer anywhere.

Clone Legion. Especially effective against stompy decks, slivers, ect.

Conflux. Auto-include. Since you can only get one blue card, earch for Enter T.I, and play Omniscience after casting it.

Conqueror's Flail. Protection from pesky counterspells. Usually gives equipped creature +5/+5 too.

Cruel Ultimatum. Creature removal, card advantage, recursion, lifegain and burn all in one. What's not to like?

Cultivate. Your basic ramp. Nothing else really to say.

Door to Nothingness. Insta-kill. At the very least, it will force your opponents to use a precious artifact removal on it. It's also the perfect stress-inducing card in multi-player games, as you take your sweet time deciding who to use it on.

Dreadbore. Your classic creature/planeswalker removal. No strings attached.

Enter the Infinite. The ultimate card draw spell. Its use's are explained above. Just be careful not to mill yourself to death.

Faeburrow Elder. 95% of the time this often overlooked card will read ", add WUBRG", which is exactly what we want.

Farseek. More of your standard ramp.

imoti, celabrant of bounty. More free spells. When you play 8-10 mana cards, you often get more than one extra spell.

In Garruk's Wake. Pretty self-explanatory. Just kepp in mind that casting one of these one-sided board wipes makes you a pretty big target at the table.

Jegantha, the Wellspring. Slightly infurior to Faeburrow Elder because of it's higher casting cost and inability to pay generic mana costs. Still an extremly powerful card in this deck.

kodama' reach. Identical to Cultivate.

Lightning Greaves. Perfect protection for Jodah. Just keepin mind that you'll have to temporarily attach them to another creature if you want to target him with anything.

Lurking Predators. This card basically reads, "Whenever an opponent casts a spell, scry 1. If it's a creature, put it on the battlefield." So it gives you free creatures, but it's also a sneaky way of selecting your top-deck.

Magister Sphinx. This creature pairs well with profane trasfusion. This is the kind of card that will make your opponents say, "Woah, where did THAT come from?"

Meddling Mage. This card is annoying to play against. 95% of the time you'll want to target their commander, often completely shutting down their deck.

Mnemonic Deluge. Imagine targeting Walk the Aeons! Or aminatou's augrey! Or useing Swarm Intelligence and copying both! This card is almost guaranteed to make a big splash.

Mob Rule. This card works best against Eldrazi, Slivers, ect. It's devastating no matter what.

Narset, Enlightened Master. More free spells. Give her haste with Urabrask the Hidden, or Lightning Greaves, ect. to make her all the more effective.

Nevermore. Now which is superior, the Meddling Mage, or Nevermore? Meddling Mage is cheaper, and it can attack and block, but Nevermore is harder to get rid of. It often depends on the deck you're playing against.

Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh. Free spells, card advantage, burn, and a one-sided boardwipe all in one. It's also a distraction, as your opponents swing at Nicol Bolas instead of you.

Omniscience. Many games go something like this. "Plays Jodah. Gets WUBRG. Plays Omniscience. Jodah not needed anymore. Plays Enter T.I. and wins."

Overflowing Insight. I once had Swarm Intelligence on the battlefield, and played overfolwing insight and drew fourteen cards. Then I played Mnemonic Deluge, and copyed it six times, so I ended up with about sixty cards in my hand. One of them was Omniscience. Needless to say, I won.

Plague Wind. All one-sided boardwipes are powerful. Plague Wind is no exception.

Pledge of Loyalty. Once you play this, Jodah is very difficult to remove. Only colorless cards and boardwipes can kill him.

Praetor's Counsel. This card is best played after you combo off with E.T.I + O, (I'm to lazy to type their names), letting you play everything twice!

Working on it!

Feel free to make suggestions about cards to add or, almost more importantly, what cards I have in my deck that could be replaced. I have a lot cards in my maybeboard that I want to add, but I don't know what to remove to make room for them.

Also, I'm working on a budget, so keep that in mind when providing feedback.

Thank you! =)


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