So, a commander in boros that can cheese out some fat humans using non-human seems decent. We'll be maximizing our creature output by utilizing humans that produce non-human; so, we'll be able to swing and theoretically always hit and keep making the hits bigger and wider.
1) if you attack with one or more non-human creatures while Winota is out you get an individual trigger for each non-human that attacked.

2) The triggers resolve seperately. So, if you attack with 3 non-human you will resolve the triggers separately. You will NOT look at 18 cards once, you will look at 6 and if able put a human onto the battlefield then bottom the rest, then look at the next 6 and rinse and repeat that process for each trigger.

3) creatures must be declared as an attacker to get the trigger; creatures that enter tapped and attacking will not trigger Winota

So, here's the fun part. Winota allows us to look at the top 6 for each-non human that attacks.

Starting hand of 7

99-7= 92; granted a T1 Winota is difficult but not impossible; though this isn't where the math starts getting interesting. At this point if you had your commander out and were able to attack with a non-creature you'd be able to look at around 6.5% of your deck. This would be a magical Christmas land scenario though.

Let's look at this from a more realistic point of view. By turn 4, barring any draw effects/looting/rummaging effects you should of drawn 11 cards (this number is including the 7 you've drawn from your opening hand; 7+4=11) and hopefully have Winota out with a few non-human friends. At this point you'd have 88 cards in library. If you have your commander out and 1 non-human able to attack you'd be able to look at 6.8% of your deck; so you would think if two creatures attacked you'd be seeing around 13% of your deck but that's not the case. You can only see cards increments of 6. Sure, you may go deeper but you're still seeing around the same % of your deck unless you're reducing the number of cards left in your deck by either cheesing out a creature from among the 6 you looked at or drawing a card. So the question then becomes how do I ensure I hit with my triggers? Basically, just make it so you have an ungodly number of triggers.

So, the first thing I did when brewing this commander is look for the fattest red/white/colorless/boros colored humans in scyfall. Surprisingly enough there wasn't a huge selection but here are a few gems; some did not make the cut but thought it'd be good to share some of my findings


Zealous Conscripts - nothing feels better than using someone elses stuff and potentially winning with it

Godo, Bandit Warlord - more combat steps and combo potential.

Kamahl, Pit Fighter - provides more removal and is a reasonable beat stick

Angrath's Marauders - a one sided damage doubler.

Magus of the Arena - a good utility for removing creatures

Konda, Lord of Eiganjo is one of the highest cmc human creature that does something and is functionally an 8/8 industructable

Weathered Bodyguards - is a sudo fog; though it should be noted that its' ability does not stop trample damage

Silverwing Squadron - this creature does everything we want to be doing. It's human, It can get fat, it evades and it produces non-humans for more triggers

Lena, Selfless Champion - card does everything we want to be doing and then some. Can create a huge board state and protect most if not all of it.

Darien, King of Kjeldor - I dare you to hit me with this dude out

Crovax, Ascendant Hero - an anthem for white creatures and an easy way to clear out some mana dorks; though it should be noted that it can kill your non-white 1/1s

Resolute Blademaster - a nice way to increase damage out put

Pentarch Paladin - just a nice utility

Lightwielder Paladin - bit of a flex slot card but definitely worth a slot in heavy black/red metas

Knight-Captain of Eos - nice utility against combat centric decks

Some cards just wont be mentioned because they're draft chaft or just vanilla do nothings.


Takeno, Samurai General - so I could see this being a house in a samurai themed deck but as it stands we're a bit light on samurai but definitely think this would be an auto include if we got some more useful samurais :)

Flight of Equenauts - has the highest cmc of a white human but doesn't offer any utility. This creature did not make the cut

Crowd Favorites - has some utility but it's a very mana intensive ability.

Ancestor's Chosen - meh body and there are easier ways to gain life

Zhang Fei, Fierce Warrior - basically an unblockable 4/4; it's not bad but it's not worth cheesing in and if you cannot cheese it in it's just okay

Urbis Protector - provides 5 power for 6 mana across two bodies; though it creatures a non-human that would increase the number of triggers we'd get it's far too mana intensive and there are better options.

Shieldmage Elder - I wont deny that this is a cool utility but it's very niche and we just don't have the support for it. We don't want to be sitting back. The majority of the time our staff will be tapped

Samurai Enforcers - this will probably get redundant but there's just not enough support or good samurais to make this better.

Paladin of Prahv - this card is actually somewhat good. In hand it's a 2 mana give a creature life link every upkeep or a 6 mana 3/4 lifelink; it's a cool card just not an optimal

Evangel of Heliod - this one definitely sits on the maybe board until some testing and evaluation of the density of our white cards; the ceiling for this card is very high but the floor is 6 mana for 3 power spread across 3 bodies and only 2 of which can trigger our commanders ability.

Vulshok Battlemaster very niche but in a voltron meta is a great include


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