Winota is an great value engine that can flood the board with high value creatures in an astoundingly short period of time. However, Winota has 2 weaknesses that you will need to keep in mind as you build your deck.

The first weakness is that Winota is very board committal; you need to keep both Winota and your Non-Human creatures alive on the board for your deck to work. That means you are very vulnerable to board wipes and targeted removal, so ways to protect your board state are high value. Once your playgroup sees what Winota can do it will become the priority card to remove.

The second weakness is the fact that Winota needs a good number of both Humans and Non-Humans in the deck to work correctly. This means it is pretty easy to over-index on one group or the other and either not get Winota to trigger or whiff on the triggers.


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