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Wilhelt, Zombie Invasion

Commander / EDH UB (Dimir)



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I tell you I always wanted a strong competitive Zombie commander deck but nothing ever felt right to me until midnight hunt released the perfect zombie commander Wilhelt, the rotcleaver and his commander deck line which was kind of similar to a nice modern zombie token deck I have for casual play and then revised wilhelts deck to be a nasty force to be recon'd with, it has plenty of ways to make a nice out of control zombie army, while milling your opponents a little. This deck focuses on creature suppression and cancel to keep your opponent’s off balance and hold onto a small army while your zombies grow in mass.


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63% Casual

37% Competitive

Date added 6 months
Last updated 3 months

This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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Avg. CMC 3.43
Tokens City's Blessing, Copy Clone, Demon 5/5 B, Emblem Liliana of the Dark Realms, Zombie 2/2 B, Zombie 2/2 B w/ Decayed, Zombie Army 0/0 B, Zombie Berserker 2/2 B, Zombie Wizard 1/1 UB, Zombie X/X U
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