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General idea

Been a mill player since 2018 back when it was considered to be a 'rogue' style of deck. Seeing as it's meta now, may as well make a modern deck for it. I've wanted to build this for years, critique is very welcome. The general idea is just to mill the opponent to death while using cards like Surgical Extraction , Thoughtseize and Fatal Push to control board state and limit your opponent's options. Scheming Symmetry is a bit of a contentious card as I like the idea of tutoring for cheap and also getting a free archive trap off, but it may be removed in future updates of the deck.

Update 1.0

Scheming Symmetry has been removed upon a suggestion that it can cause me to lose games as easily as it can win me them. In addition, the companion Lurrus of the Dream-Den has been added to help me recur anything that might get hit with Fatal Push , Lightning Bolt or anything along those lines. Just helps me keep my mill pieces alive long enough to close out the game. Profane Memento has been side-boarded in to assist against aggro players by allowing me to keep a somewhat steady life total. At the moment, untested, this deck seems to have some weakness to burn which I will need to iron out by the next update

Update 2.0

Maddening Cacophony is completely gone and has been replaced with Fractured Sanity , simple reasoning is that cacophony is pretty slow. Glimpse hits for more, cacophony only hits for more when kicked and by the time it can be kicked it won't hit nearly as much as I would like so it's gone. Fractured Sanity gives me more options, I can cycle it for 4 cards and I can pay 3 to do 4 cards over a glimpse, the art for it is also pretty neat. Another Modern Horizon's card in the deck is Dauthi Voidwalker , this card is amazing. Its a Leyline of the Void on a stick and it allows me to cast things I have exiled with it, it combo's really nicely with Lurrus as well, allowing me to spam my opponents spells as well as my own. Sideboard has been completely rewired too, removal is absolutely king at the moment as the meta seems super dominated by blitz decks. The main thing I need to worry about in the deck is Stormwing Entity and Murktide Regent as they are really hard to remove as a push doesn't hit them. Mesmeric Orb is back in the mainboard to help slow down these blitz decks. A friend suggested Snapcaster Mage to allow me to reuse Drown in the Loch and use as an expendable blocker as Lurrus allows me to reuse him.


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