Well, It's Nekusar, obviously.


I just love the original artwork of Howling Mine . So here's my deck featuring Nekusar and his ability to abuse Howling Mine and Wheel of Fortune kind of effects.

Just draw cards and hope for the best. No need for politics, stressful combat or planning ahead.

This has been a kind of a pet project for me for five or six years or so. Most of the cards were originally from the Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge commander precon. (I'd like to build around her someday) I add new cards as they are released and don't usually bother thinking too much about them like I do with my other decks.

The basic idea is to play Nekusar, the Mindrazer and start drawing cards with Wheel of Fortune effects and enchantments and artifacts like Howling Mine Font of Mythos and Well of Knowledge . Teferi's Puzzle Box is an all star here. Basically everything draw cards for everyone. Even counters like Arcane Denial .

Copying wheel effects is possible with cards like Howl of the Horde .

Card drawing would be a huge threat without taxing. Underworld Dreams , Price of Knowledge , Fevered Visions and Spiteful Visions come at play here.

Nekusar needs to be protected at all costs. The deck has some Counterspell cards for this. Swiftfoot Boots are a must.

The decks biggest weakness is the side-effect of constantly wheeling; It's hard to plan ahead. Removal spells and counter-effects tend to get discarded or shuffled back into the deck before I can use anything. But this also applies to everyone else at the table.


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