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White Weenies on Woids

Commander / EDH* Mono-White


So for preface, this is literally the first Commander/EDH deck I've ever made as I'm just now starting to play in paper. This is basically just a, "good-stuff-goes-bad" type of deck where the card synergies only happen between a few cards and not necessarily as a whole deck.

What I'm trying to do is make that annoying mono white deck that utilizes it's way of putting counters on literally every creature I control, while also kinda-sorta protecting them with instants and sorcerys that can destroy target creatures.

Basically for this deck we're putting a +1/+1 counter on literally everybody. We're dishing steroids to everybody and their moms through Bolster, Prowess, and other such keyword traits. I also have a few instants that give +/+ like Moment of Triumph, Inspired Charge, etc, etc.

I need help with some acquirement/drops for this for sure. Woulld be amazing if you could give suggestions!


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