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"White Krauts" - Mono White Soldier Deck




Well this here is my first try making a deck from the scratch.The function, which I try here to acomplish, is to summon and support soldier creatures and through mass and added quality gain the victory over ones opponent.

I don't like the idea of depending myself on a few special creatures, which is seen often in modern decks. Obviously Preeminent Soldier and Windbrisk Heights are the the combomaker, but even without them one can gain a dominance on the board by other spells than creature ones, like Timely Reinforcements, Raise the Alarm or by Elspeth herself. The reason of having Mentor of the Meek is simple: drawing cards! And since most of the creatures one can summon don't surpass the power of 2, it is an excellent card for cheap card gaining.

Originally I had Field Marshal, but I removed it afterwards. Its aura is nice, with +1/+1 and first strike, but it doesn't give the deck the impact matter to run through ones opponent forces. That was when Abzan Falconer came into play.

The idea of flying support through Abzan Falconer and Collective Effort/Ajani Steadfast came due to the observation in FNMs: nearly no one is prepared for flying attacks! The two scenarios of the winning turn in mid-game is mostly like this:

1) With having Collective Effort on the wait by Windbrisk Heights and Abzan Falconer on the field, attacking the opponent with a large amount of creatures (Launch of the Fleet may help here too) and triggering Windbrisk Heights' ability let the creatures fly over the defence line of ones opponent. To make sure everything goes smooth - that's what Brave the Elements is for.

2) This scenario is similiar to the first one, but less overhelming and mana consuming. This time Abzan Falconer is on the wait (Windbrisk Heights) and Ajani Steadfast's second ability pumps the creatures with +1/+1 counters each. Declaring the attack allows to put Abzan Falconer from the exile and gives the creatures the oportunity to charge the opponent directly.

As you see the two scenarios are similiar in the function, but different in the effort of realizing it. It makes you flexible depending on the situation you are in. To cover the mana cost, I thought of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Even if this deck doesn't have that of an overhelming devotion to offer, it still has the strengh to cover most of the cost for the functionality.

The deck still needs some tuning and I dally with the idea of putting some red into it, to have more destructive power. I even consider some knights, but I am afraid that through them the synergy of the deck could get lost.

Now a few words to the Sideboard:It is more of a precaution than a change in tactics or behaviour. Since I have experience deck techs like Dredge or Mill I simply prepare myself exactly for that.

Well I hope you like what I have created here and hope from you all some constructive ideas.



P.S.: Pardon my English.


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