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Whims of fate- Aminatou for Beginners

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Greetings fellow Planeswalkers! And welcome to my Aminatou deck! I want to go over my take of Aminatou and how I'm going to win with it.

For starters let's talk about the commander herself; Aminatou! On the surface, she appears to be a child that's innocent and unassuming, but she's one of the most powerful and popular Planeswalkers ever known! Her first ability is decent, she can offer you card selection and top deck manipulation most of the time but the ability is far better when using cards with "miracle" or Teferi's Ageless Insight which allows you to generate advantage off her uptick..but her real ability is her -1. The ability to exile any permanent (including lands!) That you own and flicker it. This has a number of uses like abusing enter the battlefield triggers, getting back cards under your opponents control, or even resetting Planeswalkers for use again. Her ultimate ability is a bit freaky and even a bit clunky, but it allows you to swap the board in a favorable position. But its a risky ability to use when ahead and difficult to pull off when behind. That said, I've included "Homeward path" in this deck which means you only rotate the Non-creature permanents around which can be useful as you can blink your own permanents back and your opponent won't have much use of them outside the mana rocks.

Pros of deck Variation: - Tons of removal/interaction - Plenty of card advantage - Graveyard recursion - Graveyard hate - Low Mana curve - Above Average Life gain - Altar of the brood Infinite combo Cons of deck Variation: - 2 Tutors - Weak P/T creatures - Commander is a Planeswalker - No commander damage - Commander is valuable to gameplan ( I'll have to find room for what works and what doesn't. I'll add tutors to make Miracle or Altar combo more consistent later)

Lands: Usually not much to talk about lands other than the utility lands. Aminatou can flicker her lands so she can get value off cards like Mystic sanctuary, Mortuary Mire, and Bojuka Bog to keep graveyards consistently empty! But her two biggest lands I don't see a lot of people building are Homeward path and Glasspool Shore. Homeward path makes her ultimate more appetizing to use and can even garner political favors. If you're giving creatures back to someone, make sure they promise not to swing at Aminatou. Glasspool Shore is interesting. Clones can generate additional ETB advantage for you sure, but the way Modal double faced cards work is that whenever they're blinked, they turn to their front half when coming back to the battlefield! Meaning you can play Glasspool Shore as a land then flicker it back as a clone. Pretty neat! Mirrorpool is the only other slowland but it can help your single target removal or get another ETB off.

Creatures: Your focus on creatures is to mostly manipulate their ETBs to generate card advantage, ramp, remove permanents, and make the swing for life totals. Gary or "Gray merchant of Asphodel" is one of your best flickers which can usually gain you about 9 life and ping everyone for 3 should you flicker it with Aminatou. But the number can be even more insane with higher devotion or clones entering as Gary. Some of my more unique choices for this deck is "Azor, the Lawbringer" which when combined with Thassa, Soulherder, or Conjurer's closet can make is so your enemies can no longer cast instants or sorceries until they find a way to deal with the combo like with Reclamation sage. He also has a respectable body in the air and can generate you card advantage. Overall a very good addition and I don't know why it isn't recommended on EDHREC.

Instants: Not much to say here but it's your interaction engine. You have a fair bit more than other decks due to the controlling nature. Sublime Epiphany can do good here as it can either be solid removal, counter an important spell or ability, and/or Expanding your ETBs. Whenever you blink creatures or permanents with Eerie interlude, Semester's end, or Ephemerate; try to make your opponent waste their own removal spells first so you end up 2-for-1ing them. Kaya's guile is in for one big reason: Graveyard hate. And it can either edict a card or block a card in the process! Or...if you entwine it possibly 3-for-1 while getting a mommy kiss of life back.

Sorceries: Five. Hilarious! But that's fine. You have access to miracle spells which are powerful spells that can be cast for cheap when drawing them usually during your draw step. Miracle can work at instant speed though so keep that in mind (citation needed) Entreat the dead keeps your graveyard on the battlefield especially when used with cards like Archeomancer and Mystic Sanctuary, Temporal mastery because 1U for an extra turn could be all that you need, Rite of Replication is the big card a lot of Aminatou decks skip out on. Its versatile works on your or your opponents creatures and can probably end the game if you copy something like Gary with a lot of devotion or Agent of Treachery allowing you to steal 5 permanents and draw 15 cards on the end step.

Artifacts: 9 of these of mana rocks which give you a 8/10 chance to ramp during the early game which is pretty consistent. Coveted Jewel is another tech choice as it can draw attacks away from Aminatou and she can flicker it to always have it on hand without needing to go for combat damage. Which means it can put you up 6 mana and 6 cards. That's insane advantage and worth the risk imo! The other notable artifact is Altar of the brood, which when combined with Felidar Guardian and Aminatou can infinitly flicker themselves to deck everyone out. A similar result can be achieved with Corpse Knight! (Or Vela of the night clad.) Panharmicon, Lithofor engine, and conjurer closet extend triggers. Self explanatory!

Enchantments: Did someone say "more removal please"? Act of authority can help clean the board of your opponents pesky artifacts and enchantments and can usually remove two during each of your upkeeps when you flicker it back! Oath of Liliana rounds it off keeps opponents sacrificing creatures when you flicker it, or whenever you flicker Aminatou you create some chumps to help you block. Reality acid is also a cool removal enchantment that can even enchant and remove lands. I don't recommend destroying all your opponents lands in casual games but this can be useful to get rid of pesky lands like Maze of Ith or Gaeas cradle which end up in some casual games. Teferis Ageless Insight works as a "Phyrexian arena" when used with Aminatou which makes her uptick more favorable (can't keep downticking Aminatou after all...) But mind the replacement effect around coveted jewel or Agent of Treachery.

Planeswalker: The choice of Planeswalkers here is focused mostly on flickering your creatures with Kaya or Venser.Venser can also help your combat game if you need to get the last bit of damage in. Ashiok is a beloved choice in Dimir decks that prevents your opponents from tutoring/winning the game or using their graveyard. Narset is also a great choice for control decks which allow you to generate extra value "drawing" cards while keeping your opponents where they are. (And you can wheel in competitive decks to pass the salt)


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