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When Lazav steals your deck tech and makes you cry

Commander / EDH Combo Midrange Mill Theme/Gimmick Tokens UB (Dimir)


Lazav, the Milling shapeshifting Mastermind...

A fun control deck to play, a little different from the usual 'mill builds' as in it doesn't have many but when the milling goes off, it goes off. Mill win con is aiming for a Jace/Consuming Aberration type of combo with a few unblockables and a handful of instansts to cast to activate consuming. Has been fun before with Bribery in the mix to check how many lands someone actually has left!

Other than that there are shapeshifters galore, using people's decks against them by bringing creatures onto the battlefield as copies of their key players and commanders, mimic vat their creatures as they die, mirage mirror for copies, and finally when something hits the graveyard our Hexproof Lazav becomes a copy. A few fun non-shapeshifting nasties thrown in too; most lovingly hated in our playgroup is Faerie Artisans because it's getting all the ETB effects of everyones creatures and causing chaos across the board.

Warning: this deck played against a well built Roon blink deck wins eventually, but can be a 5 hour slog of the counterspells…!


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