Ramp hard and fast to cast Xyris as early as possible. Use group hug like forced card draw, wheels, and commander damage to get snakes on the board. Win through ETB triggers with Purphoros or Impact Tremors. Alternately this deck can win through pure damage on board with cards like Shared Animosity, Beastmaster Ascension, or Eldrazi Monument. There are plenty of counters and removal to protect the board and insure a swift victory. These is a potential for a turn 3 win with this deck (Magical Christmas Land Hand) T1: Land, Sol Ring, Signet. T2: Land, Purphoros. T3: Land, Xyris, Winds of Change. Everyone dies to Purphoros triggers (44 total damage from ETB Triggers, 21 snakes and Xyris if all other players have at least 7 cards in hand)


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This deck is Commander / EDH legal.

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