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What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

Commander / EDH* Budget Theme/Gimmick UR (Izzet) Voltron



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This is a voltron style deck with a coin flip gimmick. The deck focusses on getting Okaun out as soon as possible and start flipping coins. Using other coin flip effects, extra combat phases or Krark's Thumb, you have better odds to get a high power and toughness to swing for big damage. Krark's Thumb is especially useful so the deck has a few ways to fetch it such as with Tribute Mage. Using evasion in the form of unblockable effects like Aqueous Form and indirect damage through spells like Chandra's Ignition, you can make the best use of Okaun's temporary strength. Zndrsplt's roles in the deck are extra coin flips to make Okaun stronger and remaining ahead with card advantage. In case you are wondering why some gimmicky coin flip creatures were not included in the deck, it is because most of them have a very big chance of not even surviving the first flip, such as Goblin Archaeologist or Goblin Bangchuckers. Other coin flip creatures that were not included, such as Goblin Assassin and Two-Headed Giant, have predetermined outcomes which means they do not count as 'winning' a flip!


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