An exalted deck that I made, first crack at exalted. Would greatly appreciate comments and criticisms. I'm only using two Angels because I only have two, lol. Deck is so new it hasn't even got a sideboard. For now, Angelic Benediction is a ghetto Sublime Archangel. Might just drop it though. This deck plays fairly quickly, by turn 3 I can usually have a Tormented Soul or Aven Squire swinging for 4. Faith's Shield for when I absolutely need to get a guy through, Oblivion Ring to move things and Pacifism when it's convenient. A good combo to keep tucked away is Silverblade Paladin and Faith's Shield , keep them in hand until your opponent has limited response, souldbond Silverblade Paladin to your strongest Exalted guy, then send him through for double damage with Faith's Shield . I might think about adding some lifelink, like Exquisite Blood or the Nearhearth Pilgrim , but that could potentially slow things down, so it's a maybe.


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Brave the Elements is a dumb idea for this deck, only affects white creatures and doesn't guard against board wipes... swapping in Path to Exile in lieu of more creatures, like I'd prefer, because I can't find any more creatures I like. The land gain from Path is more than offset by that annoying Tormented Soul at 7/7. EDIT: I don't quite...HAVE them, but I will if I look for them; added in Godless Shrine to fix the mana problem this deck seems to be playing with.


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