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What Izzet? Lands Control? I Can't Tell...

Tiny Leaders Competitive Control Landstill UR (Izzet)



It's control. Your endgame is Dark Depths/Jori En beats.

Tablet of the Guilds almost completely stalls aggro. Combined with Sun Droplet and/or propoganda , and you are in a good place.

Pithing Needle, Chaos Warp, Tormod's Crypt can stall combo on top of our plentiful countermagic.

Hurkyl's Recall, Chaos Warp and Ratchet Bomb take out hard to hit permanents.

Fevered Visions is a solid card that you might not want for some matchups but would welcome for others.

Control vs. Control: We generally run more countermagic, but less removal. If they get something to stick, there are possibilities for many hellish games. Bounce it, burn it, or counter it. Don't leave it unrestrained.


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