A Jund Enchantress deck with a twist: Primal Surge

This means that all the cards in my deck are permanents, leading to the entire deck being dumped down at once!

Looking to dust off this list and update it! The mana base I know can use an update (literally the Lord Windgrace precon) as well as adding in some of the nice new enchantments!

In playtesting, when it starts doing it's thing, it can snowball pretty quickly and the removal seems to be enough. It's getting to the snowball part that is the challenge hahaha.

Direction I'm thinking of going:

At a bit of a crossroads. I like the current general, but Korvold, Fae-Cursed King also just seems better... I feel like some of the gods would work well in the deck, so may keep Shifting Shadow.

Always looking for suggestions and tips!


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+1 Cindervines maybe