Break out the tea, and someone go find the Spartans, because we're all mad here!

Anje Falkenrath is one of my new favorite Rakdos cards. She's the queen of all things Madness, and she makes it easy to just deep dive into your deck and pull out whatever you may be looking for.

This deck has the Worldgorger Dragon+Animate Dead combo for all the mana you may want, then pour that into an outlet like Comet Storm, Exsanguinate, or Cut / Ribbons to get the GG's. Credit to Boomcat12B for pointing out that Sunscorched Desert can act as a part of the Gorger combo as well.
For those of you who prefer raw synergy look no further than Glint-Horn Buccaneer, Bone Miser, or Archfiend of Ifnir. Pair any one of these baddies with Anje and you're going to have a great time (unlike your opponents).

Now wait a minute, that a$$hole just countered one of those big bad creatures or combo pieces you've been waiting for. Have no worries, there's a healthy dosage of reanimation/recursion in this deck to bring back most everything you may have lost. Elixir of Immortality can even be great for any goldfishing trips gone awry!

And beneath all the big fun, there's always 2/2 Zombie's to keep us company.

This deck is for all the Timmy's and Johnny's out there, but sorry Spike you probably will go to the non-budgeted versions.

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I dropped City of Brass in favor of Sulfurous Springs, and I swapped Reliquary Tower for Sunscorched Desert.

This brings the real world cost down a few dollars as well as adds another ping damage source.



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