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Welcome to the Cult of Rakdos Super Low Budget

Modern* Aggro BR (Rakdos) Budget


This idea is simple, pay sweet fuck all at your local game store to pick up these singles (the deck is so cheap it's cheaper to replace it than to buy sleeves) then score yourself a super early advantage in board state, you unleash creatures which while you can't block with them, you aren't blocking anyway, you just want your opponent to panic and try blocking, but you have tricks to deal with that.

So, you want more details? Fine. Pray to whatever deity you worship that a mountain and/or swamp are in your opening hand alongside a Rakdos Cackler , because at the cheaper than a pack of decent sleeves for the whole deck price range a 2/2 for 1 mana of either color is a godsend, like I mentioned before, this is an unleash deck, play the creatures and unleash them, in the example of Rakdos Cackler a fantastic opening move would be mountain, Rakdos Cackler that's been unleashed, you now have a 2/2 and pass to your opponent, Shock anything they may have put into play with toughness 2 or less so you can't be blocked, blocking is for chumps after all.

Now your unleash creatures aren't the most cost effective mana-wise but if you look at them as just creatures that enter with 1/1 counters since you aren't blocking anyway they suddenly become fantastic, then you have tricks to give yourself that little edge to end the game, Brute Strength when your opponent decides to block, and suddenly that trade results in damage still happening. More fun tricks include using Hellhole Flailer as a cheap effective 4/3 for 3, and when you need a way to end the game, hit him with Brute Strength or Madcap Skills to pump him up to something like 7-10 power depending on how many pumps you use on him and then popping his ability for instant 7-10 burn damage.

Using the might that is Mugging can end a game, as can Seismic Stomp , imagine for a moment if you will, your opponent is on the ropes and is obviously planning to block since you can deal enough damage to end the game this turn and has say, 2 units on the ground and a powerful flying creature, Seismic Stomp followed up by the Mugging your opponent can't block this turn, swing for game.

Looking at individual cards, Shock is absolutely garbage when Lightning Bolt exists, but this deck also costs about $2 not counting basic lands, same can be said about a lot of cards, heck even the Rakdos Cackler is just a worse Goblin Guide , but all in all it's a plain and simple aggro deck that wins quick, puts down a ton of pressure and once again I cannot stress this enough, most likely costs less than the change in your pocket (as of the time of creation), but even though it's not the greatest you do still have some sweet cards that'll perform really well if you also play against people who have jobs that don't pay enough for $200 decks like the Thrill-Kill Assassin , I mean he's a freaking 2/3 deathtouch for 2 mana, that's pretty godly at this budget level. Also let's not forget the most fun way to surprise your opponent to end the game at a moments notice, Act of Treason , that's a nice Ulamog's Crusher you got there pal, let's see how effective it realy is in combat!

Also another little tidbit here, the Brute Strength and also the Consuming Fervor do tend to be dead draws being that this is supposed to be a creature focused deck, I recommend taking em out for another mountain and to try and get some decent cost-effective creatures, I myself had some Combat Celebrant s lying around that work nicely really any low cost creature will work, even say Forerunner of Slaughter and maybe some decent draw power like Browbeat or Read the Bones .

So as per some recommendations, I've added Shambling Remains as he's a sweet cost effective creature, honorable mentions go to Bump in the Night , I personally don't use it as I prefer to use shock as a method to kill creatures rather than players but if you like burn damage make the swap. Auger Spree is also pretty good, but I couldn't justify the slot in here since none of your creatures are actually durable enough to survive it making it essentially 3 cost 4 damage to a creature, but since Flame Slash exists I don't recommend it unless you make an edit that includes a creature with at least 5 toughness for some reason. If you want to slot in a creature with haste to surprise your opponent because exava isn't enough for you, don't use Rakdos Shred-Freak , Spike Jester is much better in here that 1 extra power may just be the win or enough extra damage to take out the enemy blocker. I like to play all of my permanents in the post-combat main phase so my opponents don't know if I'm saving the mana for combat tricks, if you don't play that way or are taking out some instants find yourself some room for Emberstrike Duo , unfortunately for me even though they're a pretty sweet cheap aggro piece they don't work with the way I play so I can't justify slotting them in, they will remain in the maybe-board. Also new edits, I've removed some of the cards in the list and added some of the recommended cards, unfortunately due to inflation I can't say that this deck rests at a 2 on the taco scale as the budget is now more than $2.50, but hey, at least if you win, you win the moral victory because you spent less money than your opponent!


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