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We are Legion (Sliver EDH deck)

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Slivers have always been one of my favorite things in Magic, and once I was introduced to commander it was the first deck I built. I've been working on it for a while now, just over 3 years, and I think I finally have it as close to perfection as I can get. I've included most of the legendary slivers, using The First Sliver as the commander. Having cascade on turn 4 or 5 guaranteed does wonders for your card advantage, and since cascade counts as a 'cast' ability, your slivers will multiply in seconds! Everything else in the deck is mainly there to support your menagerie of death dealers.


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Replaced Sliver Queen w/ The First Sliver as the commander. Cascade effect is just too OP to have on tap, great card advantage. Queen was just underwhelming too often.


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