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After some playtesting, I've decided to cut back on the white splash, and only use it for sideboard tech. While white brings me plenty of great cards, I feel like adding anything mainboard is just distracting from the overall goal/synergy of the deck.

As with my previous iteration, I'm looking to build a slightly more reactive 8Rack, that is capable of dealing with opposing threats after they hit the board. So I've got a good amount of removal/burn to make the deck more resilient, and much stronger when the game gets to topdeck mode.

At this point, I definitely think I'm on the right track to make 8Rack competitive. Any thoughtful comments or ideas are appreciated, but keep in mind that this list has gone through some pretty rigorous testing, and changes will require strong supporting arguments.

As always, +1s are always welcome!

Thanks for Looking!


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Went 4-0, beating Boggles, BUG Rock, RDW, and Delver.

I have officially given up on Waste Not. At the end of the day, it just doesn't provide enough power to warrant it's spot in the deck. I've replaced it with Blackmail, giving me 10 total choice discard spells, which has seemed to work perfectly. At this point, I'm pretty set with this list as it is, although if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below, but please try to justify what you're saying.

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