So this deck is essentially a control deck with a vehicle theme. The main wincon is to just disrupt play for opponents using boardwipes, spot removal, and counters to keep them at bay long enough to swing with a bunch of vehicles or commander damage. The vehicles escape most of the boardwipes and can do some major damage when they are all that is left. The commander is essentially a draw engine except when the timing is right, there are some ways to get double strike on commander which is almost a one hit KO most of the time. There is a small token sub theme that is good for crewing the vehicles and chump blocking. There are plenty of draw options which will hopefully allow you to find answers quick. Throne of the God Pharaoh adds good passive damage for all those creatures being tapped if you manage to get it out. Since there is a lot of discarding into the graveyard i have added some graveyard play to get back artifacts and lands that have been dumped so that way you can discard something of value and capitalize later when the time is right. So far this deck has kicked major ass and can be a bit mean but it absolutely works. Enjoy.


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