You like walls? Welcome to the Wall Emporium, where everything is a wall, even the lands!

The crux of this deck relies on High Alert to turn your passive walls into ambling killing machines. Muddle the Mixture serves as a counter to protect your assets, but is also a handy tutor to grab any 2-CMC spells or creatures to solidify your defences: Brave the Sands, Tower Defense or something like Sylvan Caryatid for mana fixing as needed. Drift of Phantasms and Moon-Blessed Cleric can also be used to tutor up the important High Alert.

There's also plenty of scrying to get the right cards into your hand with Temple of Enlightenment, Temple of Mystery, Temple of Plenty, and Wall of Runes, plus you can activate a draw on the cheap with Wall of Omens.

I've also added a few ways to push damage through — Access Tunnel is a land with a utility to sneak your massive powerless walls into the enemies camp.

Prepare for the inevitable — death by wall!

A list of more efficient (and more expensive!) BANT lands for this deck:

Land (22):

4x Botanical Sanctum

1x Forest

4x Fortified Village

4x Glacial Fortress

4x Hallowed Fountain

1x Island

4x Wooded Bastion


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