Michonne, Ruthless Survivor

– "Walker" Tribal..

As someone who specializes in building -decks, I've always felt an obligation to build a Tribal deck built around Endless Ranks of the Dead ushering in the Zombie Apocalypse, but I have also never felt particularly compelled by any of the other more commonly used Commanders either. Then along came the controversial Walking Dead Secret Lair, and I made a commitment to make an EDH deck out of all 5 TWD Commanders. This is second one I've completed. Fun fact: Michonne (for whatever reason) is the least used/popular of the 5 TWD characters according to EDHREC..

I started off with— not only the best -Zombie Lords, but (more importantly) ALL the (reliable) -Zombie token producers, as the splash of grants access to Doubling Season and Parallel Lives (which multiplies the value of cards like Gempalm Polluter, Gravespawn Sovereign, and Shepherd of Rot in particular), as well as Beastmaster Ascension, and sources of Ramp, Trample, and Deathtouch...

Unlike many of the EDH decks that I build, this one technically doesn't need it's Commander to function. Michonne (generally) only comes out if I draw any Equipment to turn her into an Indestructible Lure, to thus allow more "Walkers" to break through an opponent's defenses..


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