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Vorinclex, Counters & Superfriends

Commander / EDH Counters Mono-Green Superfriends


First attempt at Vorinclex. General strategy is to ramp into Vorinclex and start doubling your counters on creatures and planeswalkers.

So far the deck seems a little mana-hungry, but if I am able to untap with Vorinclex things can get scary. Dropping a planeswalker and using it's ultimate right away is really fun! Champion of Lambholt and Forgotten Ancient have both been really impressive as well.

This is my first Mono-colored EDH deck and I was a little worried about green's lack of creature removal, but so far it hasn't seemed too bad.

In the couple of games I've been able to play, the deck has been really fun!

Let me know what you think, and if there is anything I should add or remove.

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