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Vorel, of infinite Loops (Pure Johnny)

Commander / EDH Counters GU (Simic) Tap/Untap


I used to hurt rocks and eat scraps of meat burned over a fire. Look at what I've become and tell me Simic does not hold infinite possibility. ~Vorel

If you don't like math... This isn't for you.

....Started counting up how many infinite combos are in the deck.... I'm at 199 infinite mana combos.....sigh time to go to bed. 4/30/2021

You want to go infinite?? Look no further. This vorel deck is based around going infinite with counters. Bo-Janky combos, I'm not talking about big creatures, they hurl rocks. If I have a big swinger on the field it has another effect. Not geared to wining in combat though it's more than possible. Card:Toothy, Imaginary Friend Chasm Skulker Forgotten Ancient

You don't play this deck to play with others you C-C-Combo with yourself till you win. If people know what to expect they remove Vorel as soon as they can. Almost lost a friend due to all of a sudden going infinite MaNy arguments. Here is looking at you B-Court. Though if they focus on you and not the other players they still lose.

2 mechanics drive this deck. Vorel and untap.

That's it, Vorel doubles the amount of counters on artifact, creature, or land. DOUBLES!! Not add one, not amount plus one, freaking doubles them. It can be costly to pop off the first or second iterations of the doubling, though every time this happens the mana input vs product output decreases in ratio in your favor by half.

If the output you are pumping mana into generates mana that ratio can end up costing negative. This means... You guessed it infinite mana. With infinite mana of both colors this doubling iteration can be applied to many things. Infinite mana into infinite counters due to untap.

~~Mana sources- easy pull- no cost to remove counters and add mana~~

Vorel + one of these + pay to untap = infinite mana. Dependant on number of counters and pay to untap card. 28 infinite combos straight up, 36 with addition circumstances.

Crystalline Crawler , 1 counter to mana output ratio

Pentad Prism , 1 counter to mana output ratio

Gemstone Array , 1 counter to mana output ratio

Utopia Mycon 3x spore counters is 1x 1/1, or 1 mana of any color.

~~~Tap to pull mana~~~

Astral Cornucopia tap add mana of one color per counter

Everflowing Chalice tap add mana of one colorless per counter

Empowered Autogenerator - tap add mana of one color per counter

Blue Mana Battery - tap add 1 blue and remove counters add one blue per mana removed

Again we are trying to break the cost output ratio to our favor

~~~~~untap with a cost cards~~~~~

Freed from the real-1 blue to untap

Pemmins aura - 1 blue to untap

Crab umbra- 1blue 2colorless to untap

Umbral mantle- untap for 3 colorless

Staff of domination- 4 colorless

Galvanic alchemist- 1blue 2 colorless

Vigean graftmage- 1blue 1 colorless

Sinking feeling- 1colorless add -1/-1 counter to creature -1/-1 and +1/+1 counters cancel out eachother (needs +1+1 counters on creature or they die very fast)


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