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Voltron Predator

Pauper EDH UB (Dimir)


This deck has repeatedly gone through careful refining, and curve lowering. Here's the game plan. Play useful defensive dudes, utility creatures, equipment, etc. Don't worry, it's cheap. At some point you play the Commander. However, should people answer the Commander. You have plenty of unblockable creatures, and ways to make things unblockable. One way or another, you will push damage through. But ideally, use a pumped up super sticky hard to kill Commander, to kill people with Commander damage.

Onto the details. The mana is split right down the middle, because of the double blue/double black in the Commander's CMC. Don't mess with that too much, it works. There is a slight offset in the non land cards for blue, but that's because blue is better at draw/filtering. After you start drawing/filtering the deck, you should be alright for mana, and costs. Plus, thanks to the various artifacts, you have a little room for play.

Here come the finer points. Sometimes, you have to nickel and dime people to death. Try to save your life gain for this stage of the game. Be careful when dealing with explosive, go big, or go super wide boards. The deck usually does ok against these things, if it targets that/those player(s) first. However, combat matters to you a bit more, when dealing with these things. Because if it gets too out of control, these things take your edge away. Your edge, is that your Voltron Commander has flying, death touch, and hex proof. Nightveil Predator is hard to remove, and even if it is removed. There are several back up Voltron creatures in the deck. So basically, choose your targets wisely. If you target the wrong person early on, it can very easily cost you the game, as things progress.

With that being said, it is a pretty durable deck, and not one to take lightly. Yes, it is very powerful for Pauper EDH. However, it isn't unbeatable either. If you don't mind playing other people's lists, and you are looking for a good introductory deck to Pauper EDH. You should consider this one, it's fun, simple enough, and effective. While also providing "decision making matters" moments.

It might not hurt to throw in different blue filter/draw. I simply put in the filter/draw that I prefer. If you make your own version, keep this in mind. You need to have enough filter/draw to get the engine going. Otherwise, you are stuck, dead in the water, waiting for land/creatures/equipment. I don't recommend going lower than the ratios I have for draw. I strongly advise against adding any more lands that enter tapped. The tap lands I have, they've all proven to be useful. More tap lands means a slower start, slower start means someone else is building up a decent board before you.

Well, enjoy! :)


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