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Volrath Jumanji - A journey into pain

Commander / EDH* Mono-Black



[Arkham Asylum, Massachusetts, Winter 2019]

Welcome wanderer! Never saw you before here at the asylum. What are you saying? You shouldn't be here? You are not crazy?

Ahahahah, well, I ain't crazy either my man, really, I swear. Now you have to chill, there is no point in screaming. The guards are gonna beat you up if you keep going all psycho like this. Listen to me man, I've been recluded here for years and I've learned how to avoid trouble the hard way, just trust me on this one, it ain't fun. Now tell me: what's your story?

Ok, maybe you are just a bit shy, I'll go first then and tell you my story. Listen carefully because what I'm about to say is simply the absolute truth...

I used to play a lot of Magic The Gathering when I was a kid, the card game you know. I had a bunch of cards and I was just battling my friends. Those were good times! Then I just stopped playing for a lot of years, you know how it goes: the girls, the booze, the parties and so on.

Well, one day, I got back to my parents' house and spent the night in my old room. At a certain point I woke up, covered in sweat, and I felt like there was something calling me inside the wardrobe. I knew I had to open it and I did, instinctively reaching for a cardboard box. Inside the box found all my old MTG cards scattered around, all ripped apart, torn to pieces, my collection, destroyed. All cards except one: Volrath the Fallen. As I took the card in my hands a voice spoke from inside my head:

"I came to reclaim what is mine." it stated "And you, WhaleProfessor are mine!" || Dominate ||

And then he continued: "As I once said to Commander Greven il-Vec, Crovax the Cursed and Ertai, the Corrupted: I stepped out. I did not step down." || Volrath the Fallen ||

And that's when my nightmare began.

Hello everyone! My name is WhaleProfessor and this is my Volrath the Fallen deck. I choose him as my general because I love the story that there is behind him, and I think he gives the possibility to build a deck that is capable of shapeshifting its playstyle, therefore combining many cool concepts of other decks I like in a single (but less optimised) one.

This primer will try to combine the flavor and lore surrounding Volrath the Fallen with some information covering how the deck plays out. To keep this clear I'll use two different colors (that are not all that different, but not even brutal for your eye when you read'em):

  • This is for the narrative part
  • This is for the normal, out of character, part
  • Ah, and one more thing: every line attributed to Volrath the Fallen is taken from lore text and adapted to my narrative. I decided to put the references after every quote, so you can also enjoy the art and the gameplay mechanics behind those cards. The quoted cards will inside || symbols (I know it ain't pretty, but I'm not good with html and stuff).

Before we continue in our adventure I would like to make some statements:

  • English is not my main language so please excuse me if this will not be all that fluent.
  • I'm not a veteran player and I don't play all that often, so I don't have exhaustive knowledge of all cards and combos out there (translation: please don't refer to things assuming I will certainly know what you're talking about).
  • I wouldn't call this deck playtested. If you have more time than I do and you feel like testing it in your playgroup, please let me know how it goes.
  • This deck has taken tons of inspiration from some other lists and especially from all the amazing information written by the authors of those decks. So thank you very much. Here you can find the decks:
    • Rainbow in the Dark: Haakon&Korlash (Cleganebowl): This is the main source of inspiration for this deck and it's one of the greatest decks I've played. I like its attitude, its refreshing tech and the fact that is a unique finely tuned piece of craft. Props to FenIsABasicSwamp for his great work!
    • Volrath the Risen: with this deck linksdeity introduced me to the lore and the tragic story of Volrath, which I loved since the first second. I remember having this card as a kid and playing it in all of my decks, so I would like to thank him sincerely for this trip down the memory road. Of course, his deck is way more refined than mine and it's way better if you're searching for a pure Volrath the Fallen deck so check it out!
  • This deck is a work in progress (one could say that all decks are work in progress, to be honest). If you have any suggestions please write a comment below. I'll do my best to answer you.

He never got out of my head. He started playing with me, with my thoughts, and, before I could even realize it, I was just one more of his meat toys.

"I have made you weep; now I will make you scream." he said "The pain will not end, but will bind you to me". || Endless Scream ||

Since then I had to play this deck over and over again in every EDH match I got into. He made me start from smaller shops, stomping people in casual games and friend, let me tell you, there is nothing worst than that, nothing is more infamous.

Volrath the Fallen himself designed this deck with the exact purpose of making both me and my opponents suffer every turn, forcing me to do horrible things.

"This has nothing to do with what you know and everything to do with what I wish" || Scalding Tongs || he kept repeating me, laughing inside my head. And he sounded like this:


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In progress


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