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Virtus the Terrible Decision

Commander / EDH* Aggro Budget Mono-Black


According to EDHrec, there's only one deck for Virtus the Veiled as a solo commander. I am exactly the kind of idiot to say "He needs a second one."

The entire deck can be summarized as "don't let Virtus get blocked". Kill the blockers, resurrect Fear from the grave, just use Key to the City, it doesn't matter. And if all else fails, throw in some regenerate to keep Virtus alive. Just get Virtus to hit someone. Preferably with some equipment that gives him double strike. Cause let's be honest, you only have to hit a guy, like, once in the whole game to have a serious impact on the rest of the game. And if all that still fails, just swing with Crowd of Cinders because you should hopefully have a lot of swamps by the time you've given up on ever getting Virtus to connect.

Oh, and I know Blazing Torch is insanely specific, but my table has an Edgar Markov player.


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