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Vial Smasher Thrasios Tempo / Burn / Ramp

Commander / EDH*



The goal of this deck is to ramp efficiently using green ramp spells & thraisos until you have enough mana to efficiently burn out opponents using Vial Smasher, Delve Spells, and X costed Mana Cards while protecting Vial Smasher with counter magic.

I'd classify it as a tempo / ramp / burn deck and is still in progress (recommendations are welcome).

A couple main points:

-one main idea was to use green fetch land spells instead of mana rocks so as to fuel delve & other GY shenanigans.

-Training grounds is the best card in the deck, especially when combined with any card that can let you see the top of your library (sylvan scying, courser, oracle, brain storm & ponder ect.), activating thrasios's ability to put a land on the field for 2 is strong. Also works well with tasigur.

-strionic resonator is a good second tutor option behind training grounds, leads to closing out the game quickly.

-counter magic / kill spells need to be held up, then if there is no reason to use them, active thrasios.

-Oona's grace & Life from the loam is included so that when vial smasher is out you basically always can ping for 3 a turn, these make good targets for intuition.


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