A bit of pain never hurts.

Deck Description

Hello, I am Sheld and this is my Grixis commander deck with Vial Smasher and Kraum as its commanders. This deck is not supposed to be competitive. It was made to be fun to play casually with friends. The deck does not have a single strong theme. There are, however, few sub-themes in the deck:

Pain sub-theme -> cards which periodically damage our opponents in various ways

Card-Draw Pain sub-theme -> cards that damage our opponents whenever they draw cards + wheel effects to trigger them easily

Goodstuff -> goodstuff cards that are fun to play and/or synergestic with the rest of the deck

Of course, the deck also contains some control, card-draw, ramp and all the usual. I tried to include cards that either fit into one of the sub-themes, work well with Vial Smasher or are just fun to play.

Give the deck +1 if you like it and and let me know what you think about it. Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated. :)

Deck Strategy

The strategy of the deck is pretty self-explanatory; annoy everybody with Vial Smasher and other painful permanents, use your removal on threatening stuff of your opponents to slow the game down a little, play some fun goodstuff cards and enjoy the game. :-)

There is no direct wincon like some combo. The deck is kind of slow and passive at the start of the game and plays kind of neutral cards so other players tend to focus on more threatening opponents with faster decks and do not focus you as much.

Hovewer, as the game goes on and you accumulate more permanents, your opponents (sometimes you as well) start dying pretty fast and everybody gets really low on health. Then you can use your instant removal to defend yourself for few turns and wait for your opponents to wither away or get smashed by Vial Smasher which starts to hit really hard in the late-game.

It helps a lot to use table politics to your advantage. For example, when you are casting any removal spell, you can almost always get a more value from it by making some deals. (Like "I won't remove this huge creature of yours if you gurantee it won't hit me on your next turn." -> Then you remove something else and you got rid off two threats with one spot-removal.)

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