a dragon deck you would see anywhere these days. still fun as hell

the landbase is wonky


Atarka, World Render : its a cool card that bashes face all by itself, more dragons? cool.

Balefire Dragon : Honestly, kind of a dick board wipe, like, if they cant block a big dragon, they lose so much more than lifepoints.

Bladewing the Risen : its a cool, weird card that only works for dragons, i feel like tribal always needs recursion, well, aggo needs recursion cuz those board wipes and spot removals wreck the day.

Broodmate Dragon : its a 2 for 1, easy colors to hit, eminence makes it amazing and its pretty.

Dragon Broodmother : babies having babies, amirite...

Dragonlord Dromoka : what a stupidly good card, so much things on one card.

Dromoka, the Eternal : the snowballing this card can do, oof.

Hellkite Charger : honestly not super amazing, but if you only have big dragons, even one attack trigger might lead to death, or a least more ur dragon sillyness.

Intet, the Dreamer : free stuff, yes pls. Sadly the cards gotta be played before intet dies, if you miss your chance then... poof.

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund : its great, haste and the untap. gets around all the blind obedience's forever.

Keiga, the Tide Star : its a fun tech card that says "please dont attack me."

Lathliss, Dragon Queen : Im glad this exists.

Ojutai, Soul of Winter : Some nice staxy lockdowns. can be relevant. sometimes its just nice to have a creature with vigilance.

Ryusei, the Falling Star : board wipes, non flying board wipes.

Savage Ventmaw : does infinite with Aggravated Assault . minor-ly does cool things with Hellkite Charger , it adds up to one extra combat per mana you can produce outside of the savage swing trigger. otherwise, its nice to have the extra mana to drop stuff like ramp.

Scalelord Reckoner : what a cool card, i cant believe its still so cheap.

Scourge of the Throne : this card is a must, but it makes you want to do the dethrone for the extra attack, which sometimes forces you to attack someone who isnt the threat.

Scourge of Valkas : its kind of the secondary win con along with Dragon Tempest . if perhaps you have trouble getting through a meren spore frog lock or something. It also prolly makes you win outright when you ult Sarkhan, Dragonsoul .

Silumgar, the Drifting Death : slays those mana dorks. hexproof is kinda great. doesnt trigger Temur Ascendancy . QQ

Steel Hellkite : its decent spot removal, and having no colors is nice. Its been underperforming lately.

Teneb, the Harvester : yay, more recursion

Utvara Hellkite : tokens for days. its nice with Temur Ascendancy , Doubling Season and Dragon Tempest / Scourge of Valkas .

Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire : more spot removal. its also nice to hit the kamigawa dragons.

Yosei, the Morning Star : speaking of kamigawa dragons...

Non mana stuff

Herald's Horn : i ended up cutting Necropotence and putting this back in the deck. its simple cheap and has a chance to get you card advantage.

Strionic Resonator : a newly added versatile card. can double all the triggers, from making tokens, copying Marshal's Anthem etb, or if youre having a bad day, the scry on a temple land. T_T (oh, also ur dragons attack trigger...)

Aura Shards : as my friend once said: If you can only play one big dumb dragon a turn, you wanna make sure it does as many things as possible.

Doubling Season : ooh look, an instant win with Sarkhan, Dragonsoul . doubling tokens is nice too~

Everlasting Torment : honestly a meta call for fogs and life gain decks. I realize doubling season makes things awkward with the wither for my own things, but meta call is meta call.

Greater Good : Well, if the big dumb dragons are gonna die anyway.. may as well get the draw. also a deterrent to cards like Detention Sphere

Marshal's Anthem : and even more recursion, i just like this card.

Oath of Druids : makes the game ridiculous. we can all flip big dumb things.

Sunbird's Invocation : just pure value engine. also funny to Strionic Resonator .

the land base is so rough, but i dont wanna buy lands ever again so its w/e. Mutavault tho, what a fun card to get extra dragon triggers with.

Haste enablers : cuz you dont want your guys dying before it gains you value.

Dragon Tempest : flavor is nice, damage is better

Hall of the Bandit Lord : its nice when lands do things

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund : rawr

Rhythm of the Wild : omg, would use it even if it didnt give riot

Sarkhan Vol : flavor-walker. thats not sexual right?

Temur Ascendancy : draw me cards forever

Extra turn spells : sometimes even one extra turn can be a win with bigass dragons

Expropriate : so

Nexus of Fate : damn

Time Stretch : good


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